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placeholderFrequently Asked Questions
A page Of Frequently Asked Questions About Our Race Night Packages And Services


(Q): How much does it cost for a race night package?

(A): The cost of a package, depends on what package suits you best, have a look in our race night packages, if you require a Big Screen Premier Pack contact us directly to discuss venue/town you wish to host a race night in.

(Q): What Is evolved in organising or hosting a race night fundraiser?

(A): There are a number of tasks involved in running or hosting a race night, we go through these in detail in the how it works section of our web site.

(Q): How much could you expect to race from running a race night fundraiser?

(A): That all depends on your organization, but the average race night can easily raise 5,000 euro if you organise your committee or team early and set your goals.



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Our Race night Packages

Below are the race night packages we currently offer, you can click on the package to view full details of each package.

placeholderD.I.Y Gold Star pack.
This package is by far the most common Race Night pack used throughout the clubs, Schools, Charities etc.

placeholderBig Screen Premier Pack
Have us come along, setup the big screen, with full sound system and put on the show.