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An Overview Of what's is involved in hosting a Race Night Fundraiser

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Selling The Horses

Selling your horses is the most important part of a race nightA typical Race Night consists of ten races with 8 horses in each race, an auction race may also be included, (we will explain more about the auction race later). For the Moment lets concentrate on selling 80 horses at a typical price of twenty five euro each. The amount you charge totally depends on what the proceeds are for, charge more or less if you wish, but you must agree a set charge before you leave the committee meeting.

We supply 20 sponsorship cards as soon as you confirm date and venue. Most clubs, schools and charities etc, are capable of selling allot more then 80 horses. Don't fore get the bulk of the funds raised is though selling these horses before the night. The more sold the more funds raised.

Lets sat the committee sells 160 horses, these horses are doubled up on each race e.g. race 4 & 4A are ran as one race, sometimes races are trebled.


Like all good race meetings each race has a sponsor, this is just another way to raise funds for your Race Night. On average seventy five to a hundred euro would be the norm. At your committee meeting draw up a list of the potential sponsors, and decide who is the best person to make the approach. Get as many sponsors as possible, you could have two or three for each race, the more the merrier.


Venue And Date

Venu & Date For Race NightAgree on a date and a suitable venue that has a TV and a video player. Most bars and lounges are of reasonable size to run a Race Nigh, keeping in mind the size of the venue is very important. a small crowd in a large function room will still make you money on the night from betting, but the emptiness may swallow up the atmosphere.

One hundred punters betting just one euro a race will raise 500 euro at least on the night, not to mention the Auction Race which is normally Race no. 11 at the end of the night. The race can generate some serious money for your fund.

Generating as much craic and banter in the night is the future of your next success. A good MC on the microphone is also important on the night, he or she will read the race card while the punters are placing their bets and interview the owners or jockeys that may be present on the night.

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Below are the race night packages we currently offer, you can click on the package to view full details of each package.

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This package is by far the most common Race Night pack used throughout the clubs, Schools, Charities etc.

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Have us come along, setup the big screen, with full sound system and put on the show.

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