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An Overview Of what's is involved in hosting a Race Night Fundraiser

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Race Card

Race Night Fundraiser Race CardsNext you have to consider making a race card for the night, with the names of the Horse Owners, Jockeys, Sponsors Etc. Putting the Race Card together usually comes down to the wire, probably a couple of days before the event. It shouldn't be too difficult in the early stages, to find someone who can do this for you. in most situations its hard to gauge how many will be needed, we think 60 should be enough, at least one for every couple, Don't forget who ever is typing up and printing theses cards, voluntary or not, allot of ink and paper will be used and they do cost money. The simpler the better.

"Fact 90% of them will end up on the floor of the venue at the end of the night"

Promoting The Night

Example of Poster for Race NightIt is very important that people know when and where your race night is planned for. Obviously word of mouth is the best means of getting the punters along on the night. To help you along Race Night Hire will send you on, as soon as you confirm the venue and date, Ten A3 size colour poster with the appropriate details printed. Whatever way you spend your money advertising the big night, consider it money well spent,

"Getting a crowd along will ensure a prosperous and entertaining night"


Auction Race

The Auction Race is usually the last race on the night, and if you have any sort of a reasonable number of punters along on the night you can make a lot of money on this race. This is how it works, On the back of the race card you will have listed the names of eight horses (silly names to catch the attention of punters). Before the auction for these horses the MC tells the audience that this is the last race of the night and the eight horses are about to be auctioned off to new owners here tonight. The MC goes on to explain that whatever the final amount of money's raised from the sale (auction) of the eight horses, 50% (sometimes less) goes to the nights proceeds, and the remaining 50% is paid out to the owners of the first three horses past the post in the race. Lets assume the total of 1200 euro is realised from the auction, 600 euro is for the fund and the remaining monies are paid out to the owners of the first three horses past the post 1st = 300 2nd = 200 and 3rd = 100. it is important that all monies from the auction be paid to the cashier before the race starts, the MC will emphasis this.

"Please Note: that it will take about 20 minutes or more to auction off all the horses"


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